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Closed Star Decorating Piping Tip is seamless with satin/shinny surface treatment, made by food grade approved stainless steel 304.
This icing tips/nozzle create deeply grooved shells, stars and fleur-de-lis and works with standard bags and couplers.

Features and Advantages

Food Safe Contact 304 stainless steel, with LFGB and FDA test report issued by SGS/UL, non-toxic and BPA free

more strong  and smooth for longer service life

Seamless surface, shinny and easy to clean

Customized packaging

production process

We have 2 production process, all piping tip can be produced by :


seamless welding

● one piece stainless steel sheet stretch forming

● crimping edge, stronger

● for professional chef

● surface is seamless with inside welding line

● straight edge

● for professional chef and home baker


Picture No Size Design Bottom Diameter Interal Diameter of top External Diameter of top Width Length # of stars Height Material
132 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5.5mm 14.6mm 10 41.5mm 304 Stainless steel
171K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 6mm 12.5mm 6 44mm 304 Stainless steel
192K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 7mm 13mm 5 40mm 304 Stainless steel
195 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 6.5mm 13.5mm 15 41.7mm 304 Stainless steel
195K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 9mm 14mm 19 37.5mm 304 Stainless steel
23 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1mm 4.4mm 5 33mm 304 Stainless steel
232 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.2mm 8.4mm 6 30.5mm 304 Stainless steel
233 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2mm 7.4mm 11 26.6mm 304 Stainless steel
24 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1.3mm 4.9mm 5 33.5mm 304 Stainless steel
25 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1.5mm 5.6mm 6 33mm 304 Stainless steel
26 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1.8mm 6.8mm 6 31.5mm 304 Stainless steel
262 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 0.8mm 3.5mm 5 34.5mm 304 Stainless steel
27 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.2mm 6.5mm 7 30.5mm 304 Stainless steel
28 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.6mm 7.6mm 8 33mm 304 Stainless steel
29 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 3mm 8mm 8 32mm 304 Stainless steel
30 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 3.4mm 8.9mm 8 29.5mm 304 Stainless steel
31 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.5mm 9.2mm 9 31.2mm 304 Stainless steel
33 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2mm 7.4mm 5 33mm 304 Stainless steel
34 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.7mm 8.2mm 6 31.2mm 304 Stainless steel
35 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 3.3mm 9mm 6 30.5mm 304 Stainless steel
36K Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 4.8mm 9.8mm 7 29.5mm 304 Stainless steel
49 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 0.5mm 3.2mm 4 33.5mm 304 Stainless steel
50 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 0.6mm 3.6mm 4 34.4mm 304 Stainless steel
501 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 2.5mm 6mm 10 33.7mm 304 Stainless steel
502 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 3mm 7.3mm 10 31mm 304 Stainless steel
504 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 3.5mm 9.4mm 10 31mm 304 Stainless steel
506 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5mm 11.5mm 10 43.5mm 304 Stainless steel
508 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5mm 13.5mm 10 43mm 304 Stainless steel
51 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 0.7mm 4.1mm 4 33mm 304 Stainless steel
52 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1mm 0.8mm 4.7mm 4 33.5mm 304 Stainless steel
53 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1mm 0.8mm 5.5mm 4 31.7mm 304 Stainless steel
54 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 1mm 0.9mm 6.1mm 4 32.5mm 304 Stainless steel
7577 Small Closed Star Piping Tip 18mm 5 304 Stainless steel
7592 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 7mm 8 41mm 304 Stainless steel
7601 Large Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5mm 13.5mm 10 43mm 304 Stainless steel
7611 Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 10mm 12 45.5mm 304 Stainless steel
7615 Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5.5mm 12 44mm 304 Stainless steel
826K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 9mm 17mm 7 47mm 304 Stainless steel
852(2D) Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 4mm 14mm 6 43mm 304 Stainless steel
853(2E) Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 5mm 14mm 8 40mm 304 Stainless steel
853K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 6.5mm 14mm 8 38.5mm 304 Stainless steel
854(2C) Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 4.5mm 14.5mm 10 43.5mm 304 Stainless steel
855(1B) Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 6mm 19mm 6 47mm 304 Stainless steel
856(1C) Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 6.5mm 18.5mm 8 46.5mm 304 Stainless steel
857(1E) Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 6.5mm 18mm 12 47mm 304 Stainless steel
858(1G) Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 5.5mm 20mm 10 47mm 304 Stainless steel
867K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 36mm 11mm 18mm 16 52mm 304 Stainless steel
869K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 36mm 13.5mm 21mm 18 46mm 304 Stainless steel
B5K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 2mm 5mm 5 47.5mm 304 Stainless steel
B6K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 2.5mm 5mm 6 48.5mm 304 Stainless steel
B7K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 2.5mm 6mm 7 47mm 304 Stainless steel
C5K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 3mm 7mm 5 46.5mm 304 Stainless steel
C6K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 4.5mm 7mm 6 46.5mm 304 Stainless steel
C7K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 4mm 7mm 7 46.5mm 304 Stainless steel
D5K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 7mm 11mm 5 44mm 304 Stainless steel
D6K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 6mm 11mm 6 43mm 304 Stainless steel
D7K Medium Closed Star Piping Tip 25mm 6mm 11mm 7 44mm 304 Stainless steel
E5K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 6.5mm 13mm 5 49mm 304 Stainless steel
E6K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 7mm 13mm 6 49mm 304 Stainless steel
E7K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 8mm 13mm 7 50mm 304 Stainless steel
F6K Large Closed Star Piping Tip 31mm 11.5mm 18mm 6 47mm 304 Stainless steel


Usable Pastry: buttercream, whipped icings, cream cheese or even butter
Artwork: Deeply groover shells, Stars and fleuer-de-lis
Create in: All shapes of stainless steel decorating nozzles including large and small shapes could combine for piping tip sets, such as ball piping nozzle set in flower cakes etc.
Bakery and Pastry: cake, cupcake, bread, mousse, brownies, muffins, fruit towers, panna cotta, tiramisu, oupei la, corian volumes, german puddings, cream puff, cheese cake.
Impress Your Guests: The beautiful pastry with fancy icing can not only be made by people who have been trained for years, but also with the cake decorating kit for beginners,
you can create a real wonderful treat at home on your own.With this tips you can decorate baking goods and products with perfect flower compositions and other patterns.

Make tri-color cakes: 

To create the tri-color frosting:

In one piping bag, from the tip to the end of the bag place each color of frosting carefully not to swirl them,but keep them in lines do other colors on each outside edge and put white in the middle,they will swirl when you pipe them and look good.
Alternately you can place the frosting on a piece of plastic wrap in lines and then gently roll the plastic wrap into a log and insert it into a piping bag. Then add on the piping tip and you’re all set to decorate the cupcakes.

Buttercream Frosting Recipe

1 cup butter
4-6 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 tablespoons heavy cream

Beat butter until smooth add powdered sugar, vanilla, heavy cream.
Mix until smooth and creamy.
If it's HOT outside and I don't want the icing to flop I either mix ½ butter ½ shortening or all shortening.
Adjust powdered sugar if you add a lot of food coloring or extracts.
For WHITE frosting, use all shortening, and add a few drops of Americolor white food coloring.

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